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Rushed morning. Long day. Meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting. Punch out. Seek out Cono. Hazelnut, chocolate, blueberry cheesecake. Amalfi coast and salt & crunch. Cono delivers pockets of joy and a lifetime of fun. New generation gelato with an old school, nostalgic flavour.

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Perth Western Australia


The birthplace of gelato

From his first eye-opening, heart-expanding taste as a young boy, Joe knew there was a unique joy that only gelato can bring. He began working at a gelato shop, serving customers late into the night. He worked his way up, taking the reins managing a team of four to make delicious, authentic gelato.

Led by a restless spirit and desire to chase the sun, Joe found himself on the luminous shores of WA. For many years he poured his passion and precision into an established and well-loved local business, until the time came to embark on his own adventure – Cono Gelato.

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Authentic Gelato
Gelato Cart Perth Western Australia

New and Old

We’re always experimenting!

Cono Gelato serves nostalgia and joy, combining traditional and non-traditional flavours . Our motto is Gelato for everyone!

This is an ode to Joe’s home country of Italy and a thank-you to his adoptive country of Australia. Joe gives back with flavour, fun and care – producing a delicious product that is sensitive to both planet and palate. No additives, no emulsifiers.

If you’re more of a cup person than a cone person, then never fear, there are no nasties here either. Cono uses bamboo cups. Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable material that does not require pesticides. It is also a natural enough material to fully biodegrade in landfill. If you want to take-away, we've got that covered too. Our takeaway tubs are compostable which is great for you and the environment – bueno!

  • Gluten-free vanilla

  • Gluten-free Guernsey milk gelato and chocolate chip

  • Gluten-free caramel

  • Gluten-free and dairy free coffee

  • Cream cheese gelato and wild blueberry variegato, shortbread pieces

  • Gluten-free hazelnut

  • Gluten-free

  • Gluten-free Tahitian vanilla, chocolate chip and peanut crumb

  • Ricotta gelato infused with rosemary, lemon zest and amaretto crumb

  • Gluten-free salted caramel gelato and dark chocolate peanut praline

  • Gluten-free, dairy free and vegan nectarine

  • Dairy free, caramelised pear & ginger nut crunch

  • Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan

  • Gluten-free 71% chocolate

  • Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan 85% chocolate

  • Gluten-free chocolate and hazelnut gelato with hazelnut crunch

  • Gluten-free mascarpone gelato, coffee sauce and cocoa nibs

  • Gluten-free Sicilian pistachio

  • Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan Aperol spritz

  • Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan Pina Colada

  • Fig gelato & caramel sauce

Cono Gelato - Book Now
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Cono Gelato


Showing our gratitude through food!

Joe has a deep respect and gratitude for his adopted home and Cono Gelato is a way to say thank-you. Our gelato cart makes us flexible and nimble and friendly – we can zip zap our way across Perth spreading joy.


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Keen to spread some gelato joy of your own? Our delightful gelato cart is available for many engagements across WA, from private events, birthdays, weddings and corporate events. Get in touch and we can discuss how best to bring some flavour and fun direct to you.

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